Sunday School

Sunday morning classes at Grace are a place to learn, grow and connect. Loving God with our minds and our hearts as we study God’s Word will inspire and encourage us to make Jesus visible in our daily lives.

Contact , Director of Equipping & Teaching, 713-267-5014 or , Equipping & Teaching  Coordinator, 713-267-5046 for more information or help connecting with a class.

New study begins this June

1 Peter for You by Juan R. Sanchez

The book of 1 Peter could have been written for our times—a time of antagonism toward biblical ethics, and the marginalization of biblical Christians. Into that culture—our culture—Peter speaks of hope and offers joy as he points believers home to heaven. As we open up the book of 1 Peter, our wish is that this study will help you to get to grips with its meaning and show how it transforms our hearts and lives today.




The following Sunday morning classes meet from 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.:

Young Adults, MTH A: A gathering of young professionals, college students, and anyone in their 20s and 30s around God’s Word.

Home Improvement, MTH B: Here you will find parents in their 30s through 50s honestly sharing life’s joys and struggles and the hope found in God’s deep love for us.

Fellowship, MTH 101: Enjoy wonderful teaching in lecture setting with an active and loving group. Most participants in this group are enjoying retirement.

Discipulado – Grace en Espanol, MTH 102: This Spanish language Bible study is open to all ages and fosters a family friendly community.

Bridges, MTH 103: Join fellow parents in their 40s and 50s sharing life and leaning on God’s Word. Group members care for and encourage each other and their families as their kids move into teen years and beyond.

Covenant, MTH 104 (McKechnie Dining Room): Empty Nesters – 50’s – 60’s.  This is a small group of men and women studying different passages each week. We are  centered around fellowship and bible study. 

Harmony, SB 108 (Handbell Room): Come at 10:05 a.m. for Bible study, prayer and community-building before heading to chancel choir warm-up at 10:45 a.m.

Horizons, Molly Ann Smith Building: Find connection in a large class that enjoys lively discussion, caring community, and fun monthly gatherings.

Seekers, Grace School Library: Welcoming all ages and stages to share God’s Word in a smaller group setting around the table.

Voyagers, EB 117 (Multi Purpose Room): Engaging teaching in a large class, most are age 50 or better. Active prayer and care for one another throughout the week.