Confirmation 2018

We will utilize Scripture and the Church Creeds to guide students through the story of God and what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a member of His church.  Each student will come to understand the scope of the narrative of Scripture, write a personal Story of Faith, and answer the 40 Questions of Faith from their Catechism journal. The class will be led by The Rev. Chad Erb and the Student Ministries staff: Lindsey McDonald, Reed Brentlinger, Angie Williamson, and Matt Davis. Upon successful completion of the class, your student will become a full member of Grace Presbyterian Church.

  • Confirmation will meet on Sundays starting January 7 through May 6. We will meet in Massey-Tucker 207 from 5-6:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at each meeting!
  • There will be a retreat on April 27-29. This retreat is open to all 6th-8th grade students, but is a requirement for all Confirmation students.
  • Confirmation Sunday will be held on Sunday, May 13. Students will be recognized at the contemporary and traditional services.
  • Students will graduate to High School Ministries on Sunday, May 20.
  • They’ll even be part of the High School Mission Trip which will take place the week of June 23.
  • Cost – $50 (covers meals and the cost of materials. Scholarships are available.)
  • Students will receive a content journal and bible at the first meeting on January 7

Please contact Monica Cvejanovich in the Family Ministries department with any questions:


Fe tipo Bungee Jumping

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Regla #1 de Bugee jumping: No veas para abajo.  Cuando vas a hacer ese brinco de tan alto, te dicen, no mires para abajo solamente escucha cuando cuento 1,2,3 y brinca, ya no lo pienses. Porque si lo haces, si te fijas en la inmensidad del brinco, y no te enfocas en la voz del que te está instruyendo probablemente no lo hagas.  Esto encierra una verdad que quiero que veas en el Evangelio de Juan 14:1. Jesús les dice: No se turbe vuestro corazón; creed[a] en Dios, creed también en mí.   Jesús les acaba de dar noticias difíciles, que sería traicionado, y que ellos serían dispersados. La profundidad del abismo se hizo más grande.   Cuando tenemos problemas es fácil perder el enfoque, cuando alguien nos acaba de dar noticias difíciles, tendemos a perder enfoque en lo que vale la pena.  Jesús les dice el secreto: no dejes de oír, y de ver me a mí el maestro.    Bien importante en tiempos actuales aun muchos que se profesan cristianos, pero no mencionan a Cristo….

Bless others with an Easter basket!

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Gather a small group of friends or family to fill a basket and provide an Easter Sunday meal for families of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services or West Houston Assistance Ministries. For more information, contact Chris French ([email protected];  713-267-5039) or...

Easter Lily Dedications

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Every Easter the Grace Sanctuary is filled with lilies given in honor or in memory of someone. Dedications may be made beginning February 19, and the deadline is March 19.  The cost is $10. You may purchase a lily by…