This year God has shown our church some incredible opportunities to respond—and we did just that! The aftermath of Harvey created enormous challenges and projects that were visibly right in our face and we had (and still have) some very real opportunities to serve others impacted by the storm. But every day and every year there are opportunities. For the past 48 years as a church—we’ve responded. And for the past 2,000 years Christ has asked us to do just that.

Stewardship involves responding. It involves giving to fixed costs to support the church along with other unexpected opportunities to give to ministry. It is making sure our church family, staff and campus is provided for so that we are prepared and equipped to help others as those opportunities present themselves.


Here are just a few ways God used Grace in 2017
and what we need as a church moving forward in 2018:


We gather on Sunday mornings to worship and celebrate the Lord and to be grateful for all that He has done. What a blessing we can so freely as a church family with incredible music. In 2017 Grace had 156 Sunday morning worship services along with an additional eight special services primarily surrounding Easter and Christmas. And what a gift that we were able to host speakers Bob Goff, Jen Hatmaker and recording artist Nichole Nordeman for pack-the-house special events. Good things happened in our Sanctuary and Chapel in 2017 and we would love for that to continue.

Did you know

It takes real resources to make Sunday morning happen. First, we could not do it without all of our volunteers who are teaching, leading, ushering, greeting—the list goes on for the volunteers who make it happen. Yet there are hard costs for a large church Sunday morning experience like ours; for staff, music, security, refreshments and kitchen service. For those new to or early explorers of Christ, Sunday morning can be our first step into their lives. We need your support to help us continue to create and cultivate an environment where there is an unforgettable Grace experience each and every time we gather


In 2017 we sent 122 middle and high school students on three different mission trips, through your support of Student Mission Sunday and the Sporting Clay Tournament. We continue to reach children of young families through VBS and our Sunday morning Backyard and Treehouse programs and more children participated in the 2017 Grace Kid’s Musical than ever before. Our women’s ministries, bible studies and outreach are thriving. Core Communities groups are thriving and our Manna from Grace cooking team prepared over 400 meals for those homebound and in need of assistance. These are just a few of the ministry programs at Grace—only a few of them.

Did you know

The Connect Ministry Program budget is $958,000 for 2018. There is so much that we want to do—for our children, students and adults, to equip and empower them to be disciples. Opportunities will be missed and eliminated if the funds are not there.


In 2017 Grace had multiple life changing opportunities to bless others across the street and around the world. Including funding and drilling two clean water wells for Living Water International in Haiti and Guatemala and funding another well in Nicaragua. We sent a mission team to Kenya to build and dedicate the Baraka Presbyterian Church in partnership with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.  And the team built four additional classrooms at the remote Grace Girls’ High School in the bush.

Did you know

As a church for 2018 we have budgeted $858,000 to support our 31 local and global mission partners and outreach programs. We need your support to meet that commitment. Our partner organizations and missionaries in the field are counting on it.


You contributed over $200,000 for Harvey relief to help Grace families and families beyond our walls demolish, restore and rebuild their homes and lives after the devastating storm. Additionally, on our Christmas 4 The City project you exceeded our fundraising goal of $36,000 by raising just over $45,000 to build walls for 4 Habitat for Humanity Houses. The additional funds will be seed money for the walls we build next year.

Did you know

It takes a significant portion of our budget to take care of and staff our church home? Facility, utilities, maintenance and insurance expenses are estimated to cost approximately $1.5 million in 2018 to keep our church and campus up and running. We need to have a solid home base in order to receive people, love and equip them and then send them out as disciples.

You were created to respond.

Luke 12:48 says “to much has been given, much is expected.”

How will you respond in 2018?
What will God put in your heart and challenge you with this year?
Please prayerfully consider how you will give as we move into a new year of making Jesus visible in meaningful ways.

The Numbers.

We are in a stewardship campaign for the 2018 year with Commitment Sunday on February 4. Our overall goal is $4.7 million which will provide for our projected annual operating budget of $4.5 million and a surplus to set aside for future needs. Below is how and where our session projects the money to be spent. Our God is amazing at making extraordinary things happen but He asks us to respond. What a privilege to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Together we will continue to make Jesus visible. Please RSVP and in advance, thank you for your faithfulness and generosity.

The pie chart below represents how our budget is divided based on our church strategy. Personnel expenses, which are approximately 61% of our annual spending, are included with each department’s spending.

There are 3 Ways to Give:

  1. Commit your pledge in worship on Commitment Sunday, February 4 at any worship service.
  2. Mail your pledge card to the church prior to Commitment Sunday, February 4.
  3. Make your pledge online anytime by clicking HERE(Note: You must be logged into your account to be able to pledge online.)

There are multiple ways to fulfill your commitment to Grace: You may place cash or check payable to Grace Presbyterian Church into the offering plate or send it by mail; you may use the Grace website “Give Online” tab at the bottom to make a recurring or onetime credit/debit card or electronic check payment; or you may set up Grace as a payee through your online banking institution to make scheduled donations that fit your timing and your budget.