Sermon Schedule

SSsss Sunday SssS
Sermon Title
9 a.m. Chapel
9 a.m. Sanctuary
11:15a.m. Traditional
Series: Summer Playlist…A Study of the Psalms
June 4 Learn the Words Psalm 1 Stacy Little Little
June 11 It’s Okay to Cry Psalm 5 Little Little Little
June 18 At Water’s Edge Psalm 42 Hergert Little Little
June 25 How Long? Psalm 13 Stacy Stacy Stacy
July 2 The Upside Down Psalm 73 Fry Erb Fry
July 9 Greatest Hit Psalm 23 Phelps McKechnie McKechnie
July 16 Unfailing Love Psalm 51 Hergert Fry Hergert
July 23 Makes You Dance Psalm 30 Fry Stacy Stacy
July 30 Majestic Tune Psalm 8 Hergert Erb Hergert
August 6 Covered in Rest Psalm 91 Stacy Stacy Stacy
August 13 Love Song Psalm 63 Phelps French Phelps
August 20 Unfathomable Psalm 103 Fry Hergert Fry
August 27 Rise and Shine Psalm 121 French Erb French
September 3 The Song the Never Ends Psalm 145 Stacy Phelps Stacy