Sermon Schedule

SSsss Sunday SssS
Sermon Title
9 a.m. Chapel
9 a.m. Sanctuary
11:15a.m. Traditional
Series: Faith Works
January 1 Stands the Test James 1:1-18 One Service 11:15 a.m. Little
January 8 Just Does It James 1:19-27 French Erb French
January 15 Prefers to Honor Others James 2:1-13 Erb Little Little
January 22 Need Deeds James 2:14-26 Phelps Little Little
January 29 Watches Words Wisely James 3:1-12 Little Little Little
February 5 Reaps a Harvest James 3:13-18 Little Hergert Little
February 12 Chooses Friends Wisely James 4:1-12 Fry Bolsinger Bolsinger
February 19 Makes the Most of Today James 4:13-17 Erb Stacy Erb
February 26 Prays with Purpose James 5:13-20 Stacy Erb Stacy