Usher Contemporary Worship 9 AM

The Usher Ministry team exists to be “ministers of hospitality”. We believe it is a sacred responsibility to serve as a Grace Usher. If we are obedient to our call, we affirm and celebrate each guest’s decision to attend Grace.

In this age of always connected-always on, a handshake and a bulletin are not enough to make the first-time visitor feel welcome. Like never before, visitors are paying more attention to how they and their families are treated. They want to feel they are important and accepted.

You are an expression of Christian love to all who enter Grace Presbyterian Church. People come here for a variety of reasons. Your greeting is an important first impression to everyone who comes to worship. It conveys that they are welcome.

Each Sunday we need 8-10 ushers faithfully serving our congregation. Responsibilities include:

  • Check in with the head usher 30 minutes prior to worship service.
  • Distribute friendship pads.
  • If there is to be a baptism, make sure the baptismal font is in the center of the Chancel and make sure there is room temperature water in it. There is a mark in the basin to show the fill level.
  • Check that candles are lit for each service at least 15 minutes before the service.
  • Welcome guest with a warm, friendly greeting and a bulletin.
  • Provide guests clear direction depending on needs. Walk them to The Filling Station, Sunday school class, etc.
  • Collect offering in assigned area.
  • Close all the doors when the sermon begins.
  • Open all the doors during the closing song (before the benediction).
  • Stand at Narthex doors to thank guest for coming.

The Holy Spirit draws visitors to Grace, and ushers have a unique opportunity to foster our guests’ connection. They return when their experience is both welcoming and inclusive. Similarly, the Grace family is encouraged when met by a warm and welcoming environment whenever they are on the campus. For these reasons, the role of an usher is crucial in ensuring that guests and members alike experience the very best in terms of hospitality.

This opportunity to serve requires no advance preparation, affords scheduling flexibility, and presents an opportunity to meet others as you serve in fellowship. You can sign up on a week to week basis as your schedule permits.

How To Sign Up

Click on the button below to sign up on Signup.com. You will receive an email reminder on the Friday before your assignment from the signup.com database*.

*The Signup.com site is free for the user; however, you will need to create an account with a user name and password to gain access. Signup.com also has an app for smart phones.

Sign up to Usher

Tips For Good Ushering

  1. A smile and a warm greeting. Smiles are contagious!
  2. Fresh breath.
  3. Good eye contact.
  4. Take initiative. Anticipate needs and provide solutions.
  5. Avoid asking “Are you new?”. Instead say: “I don’t think I’ve met you yet, I’m {insert your name here}.”
  6. Offer a bulletin (or map, brochure, handout) after you have offered a greeting.
  7. Show personal warmth — convey that you truly enjoy welcoming people…it’s your favorite thing to do this morning!
  8. If they are a first-time guest, show them where the restrooms and The Filling Station are located. Ask if they would like information about childcare or Sunday school, etc.
  9. Positive body language, Stay focused, no cell phone in your hand.
  10. Be energetic. Let our guest feel positive energy. Let’s make Grace feel vibrant and warm…unforgettable to our guests.