Stewardship 2021


Grace at the Crossroads

Dear Friends,

Even in these challenging times, Grace Presbyterian Church remains committed to making Jesus visible in our community as we seek both to saturate the area around Grace with the gospel and to transform lives. Transformation occurs as we gather to worship, as we connect to grow in authentic gospel-centered community, and as we serve to build up the kingdom of God at Grace, across the street, and around the world by serving others.

Even as we manage pandemic limitations, we envision a brighter tomorrow. Right now, today, Grace stands at the crossroads of past and future. Of legacy and opportunity.

We are embarking on a bold, compelling vision to make disciples who make disciples. In this place, at this time, relying on Christ, we desire to equip Grace financially so that we make a spiritual and personal impact in this area we are called to serve.

Through your faithful giving, we will raise $3.8 million to:
  • Grow our ability to gather, connect, and serve the Grace family and the community around us.
  • Create a firm financial and spiritual foundation to make the most of this time of transition.
  • Advance our six Major Strategy Initiatives.
We are launching a plan for impact, implementing six strategic initiatives that further our vision as Grace Presbyterian Church.
  1. Worship Evolution—Because we want Jesus to be visible in our worship, we’re evolving our approach to a more formative time of worship.
  2. Equipping Hour—We believe in transformational discipleship, so we’re enriching the Equipping Hour with a series of practical discipleship trainings, adding new courses each semester.
  3. Discipleship Groups—Because discipleship is most effective around a smaller table, we’re forming new groups of 3 to 5 people. Our elders are already engaged in a pilot program of this approach.
  4. Alpha Small Groups—We’re also called to make Jesus visible outside our walls, which is why we’re preparing to launch new Alpha small groups, as our staff attends the Alpha conference for inspiration and strategy.
  5. Neighborhood Groups—Because we’re called to make Jesus visible across our city, we are developing a new neighborhood-based model of discipleship, which will launch later this year.
  6. Serve our Neighbors—And we’re called to make Jesus visible to our brothers and sisters here in Houston and around the world, which is why we’ll continue to lock arms with Friends of Westchase here in West Houston and our Global Mission Partners around the world.

For more than half a century, by the grace of God and through the power of the Holy Spirit, Grace Presbyterian has existed to bring the gospel to West Houston, to make Jesus visible to everyone around us. We have persisted through hurricanes and floods, boom times and busts, times of great blessing and times requiring great faith. Like now. From the first days until today, God has called us to walk in obedience, to be a beacon to our community, and to reflect to others the love of Jesus we have received.

Now, in obedience, we are also called to look in hope toward the future. To consider where our journey takes us from here. To consider the ways that God is equipping us to step out into faith. At this crossroad of legacy and opportunity, we are called to continue to walk in obedience—to carry on the same way we began—trusting God, walking the journey of faith, and praying He will equip us for whatever lies ahead. We invite you to prayerfully respond to join us in this journey. A pledge card is enclosed for you to return by February 14.

In His Name,
Session of Grace Presbyterian Church

There are 3 Ways to Pledge:


Commit Pledge In Worship

Commit your pledge in worship on Sunday, February 14

Mail Your Pledge Card

Mail your pledge card to the church prior to February 14

Make A Pledge Online

Make your pledge online anytime by clicking link below
Online Pledge
There are multiple ways to fulfill your commitment to Grace:
  • You may place cash or check payable to Grace Presbyterian Church into the offering plate or send it by mail.
  • Use the Grace website “Give Online” tab at the bottom to make a recurring or onetime credit/debit card or electronic check payment.
  • Set up Grace as a payee through your online banking institution to make scheduled donations that fit your timing and your budget.

Remember to please specify how your gift should be distributed between the operating budget, READY capital campaign, and/or another designated purpose.

Download Pledge Card

So, what now?

We are asking you to prayerfully consider respond to this Crossroads of Grace. To join us on the journey ahead.

We are asking you to continue or perhaps for the first time support the ministry and operations of this church.

We are asking you for your prayers and contributions so we may make Jesus visible across the street and around the world.

Grace at the Crossroads book

Click HERE to read or download our Grace at the Crossroads book.

The Numbers.

Our stewardship campaign is for the operating budget for 2021. Commitment Sunday is on February 14. Our overall goal is $3.8 million which will provide for our projected annual operating budget.

The pie chart below represents session approval of how our budget is divided based on our church strategy.

(click on image to view larger)

Stories of Grace…

We continue in our desire to serve others…whether part of the Grace community, our neighbors, or those in need around us.


People like Alana. She attends a significantly under-resourced high school nearby. A bright young woman at risk of seeing her potential go unrealized.

Then she heard about our Friends of Westchase mentor program. She signed up and participated with a member of our church engaging and encouraging her. From there, she joined the afterschool tutoring program Grace established. . . as a tutor!

Now, her classmates benefit from her growing academic skills and con- fidence. It’s the first peer-to-peer tutoring in the school’s history.

Alana’s is just one story.

But at Grace, it is enheartening to know we can tell hundreds upon hundreds of stories like it over our 50-plus years. Stories of families, singles, seniors, students, newcomers, long-timers—stories of people who live, work, play, and seek community in the 40 square miles surrounding our campus.

Stories of people transformed by Grace.

It is our desire that many more find their Grace “family.”

Find a warm welcome.

Find a commitment to help the less fortunate, to make disciples, to be the hands and feet of Jesus to all those around us.

To be transformed.


Just as Jim Tomforde and family were this Christmas as he shared with the world on Facebook.

“How meaningful it was, that this Christmas we walked into our church Christmas Eve service with the Morby family. We have done life off and on and through thick and thin with the Morbys. I will never ever forget what friends they were to us when we lost our son. The Sunday following Brock’s death, Greg and Pam gathered our close friends together in an upper room at our church, laid hands on us and prayed through tears with us. I have never experienced a deeper show of empathy in my life. We love Pam, Greg, and their lovely kids Amy, Dawson, and Carter. We love our family at Grace Presbyterian Church.”