Disciple Groups

By August 30, 2021August 31st, 2021Events, News

Focus: We encourage each group to begin with an 8-week study called Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple by Greg Ogden.  From there, groups can continue on with other impactful discipleship books.

Commitment: Each group will establish and agree upon expectations for the group:

  • Determine when and where the group will meet.
  • Trust that God will move and call the group and individuals to take steps of faith
  • Discern what God is doing and respond
  • Pray for each other and offer accountability

 Group Convener: The convener is the one who keeps the group on track and keeps the group moving. The convener might be the person that starts the group.

 Group Coach:  A coach will be assigned to a group and will come alongside the convener of the group to help launch, resource, help a group stay the course, discern multiplication, discuss group dynamics as needed and pray for a group.  The coach does not meet with the group, but is in constant contact with the Convener.

 Launch a Disciple Group:  The church will host a gathering to help individuals start a Disciple Group.  When you express interest in participating in a group, we will share details of an upcoming gathering.  Are you ready to participate and experience the life changing joy and hope found in a Disciple Group?