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We are open to all women of Grace Presbyterian Church. We would love to have you join us as we encourage each other, learn more about God and his Word, and help ministries in our church family, our neighbors, and those around the world. Our theme for this coming year isBe still and know.”  

Women of Grace is a group of women dedicated to fellowship, bible study and outreach through mission projects. We support various missions through our finances, our time, and our prayers.

We meet once a month to fellowship and to study God’s Word. Come join us as we study God’s Word using the study guide, “Listening to God” by Carolyn Nystrom.

We have several Circle groups that meet generally on the first Monday and Thursday of each month. Please click on the Circle Meetings tab below to see the time schedule.

Finally, we host quarterly events throughout the year. These are open to all women of Grace.

If you would like more information, please contact the Moderator, Johneice Haney, 832-651-5097 or fill out the Connection Form and email to jo_ranolph@yahoo.com.

Visitors are welcome to attend the Circle Meetings.
Monday Circles (typically meet the first Monday of the month): 
  • Circle 1:    Open
  • Circle 2:   10:00 a.m. – MTH 103
  • Circle 34:  9:30 a.m. – MTH 101
  • Circle 5:    9:30 a.m. – Meeting at various member’s homes
Thursday Circles (typically meet the first Thursday of the month):
  • Circle 7:  10:30 a.m. – MTH 101
  • Circle 68:  6:00 p.m. – MTH 103

Grace Girl’s School in Kenya, Africa has a vision to provide a future of hope for high school age girls and their families.  It is a Maasai custom to betroth young girls to older men.  Often girls are sent to a husband as soon as they reach puberty, because of the money given to the family.  Women have few or no options in the Maasai culture.  Grace Girl’s School is a boarding school that offers them safety from early marriage: education gives them a hopeful future.  In their class rooms, they are taught the same courses that students here in the U.S. would be learning.  Alongside mathematics, physics, biology, geography and other classes, they are taught the word of God.  They have a Christian education class; their music class is led with a hymn book.  The focus on education and spiritual growth will have an impact on their lives, their families’ lives, and those in their community.

The mission of Friends of Samburu, Kenya is embodied in its name – “Friends” – friends care! Its focus is on improving the lives of the Samburu children and their families. The Samburu are a pastoral, nomadic, tribal community numbering over 250,000 people who live in north central Kenya. This charity will raise funds to meet identifiable and well-defined needs of their villages. It seeks sustainable ways to alleviate their poverty and to provide for their future while preserving their culture.

Wanting to help her community after Hurricane Harvey, Lily DuBose started collecting toy donations to give to kids whose belongings were lost in the storm. Since then, over 2,000 toys have been given to more than 500 kids in Texas.

Grace Presbyterian Church provides financial support for several apartments in the Medical Center.  Out-of-town residents who are in Houston for extended medical treatments occupy these apartments.  MONTHLY Cards will be sent and “welcome gift baskets” prepared.

The Mission of Yahweh offers many life-changing programs focused on ending the cycle of homelessness and dependency for women. The Children’s Program includes social skills development, educational programs and development of character traits such as self-esteem, honesty, self-control, forgiveness, etc. An important part of the Mission’s objective is providing outreach services to low-income families that live in our surrounding neighborhoods.

Grace Presbyterian Church contributes financial support to several foreign missionaries and often to seminary students.  Cards of gratitude for their service and for encouragement will be sent monthly by appointed circles.

This mission is located in Houston’s East End and offers a drug and alcohol recovery program, convalescent care, educational and vocational opportunities, and low -income housing for men. An intensive Christ-centered program to overcome drug and alcohol addictions is offered over a nine-month period. The program includes a curriculum of self-discovery, life-skills, spiritual renewal, Bible study, mentoring counseling  and twelve-step program.

This one-to-one caring ministry offers consistent support and on-going presence to those who are dealing with transitions, loss or a particular crisis. Grace members who are Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training and then are supervised monthly as they serve.

Over the years, through Project 180, Grace Presbyterian Church has developed a lasting relationship with these schools.  Grace’s members tutor, provide after school activities, collect school supplies and clothing, and donate money to these schools.

WHAM (West Houston Assistance Ministries)
This mission runs a resale shop which always welcomes donations.  They also provide food, employment services and financial help for families in need.

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