Serving Together

Pray together, serve together, stay together.

It’s been said that couples who pray together stay together. We’d like to add “serve together” into that component of staying together as well! In our very busy married lives with or without children it is sometimes hard to find time to do something together. Just the two of you-as a team. We’d invite you to consider serving together. Whether it’s inside or outside the walls of church you will be doing good for others, doing good for Christ’s kingdom and doing good for your marriage.

Ways to Serve: 
• Facilitate or host a small group for special studies or Lent In the Living Room.
• Co-teach a Sunday school class of children, youth or adults. Consider an age group of people that you might be able to mentor or make an impact on with your life stories.
• Join the Sacristy team and help fill cups and prepare trays for Communion.
• Greet or usher together on Sunday mornings or for special services.
• Sing in the Chancel Choir together.
• Make Grace-To-Go visits together to people who are unable to come to church.
• Go on a mission trip together.

For information and ideas on how you can serve together at Grace, contact Beth Craig at 713-267-5012.