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Welcome to Grace Presbyterian Church: Encore Ministry!

Encore is a ministry for adults over the age of 50.


Manna from Grace

Interested in cooking – bless others with your talents!  Monday Manna meets once a month in Grace Church’s kitchen. Food is prepared and some deliveries are made to those that are home-bound, ill or have recently had a baby. The remaining food is stored in the Manna freezer located at the Welcome Center. If you have someone that needs food, you may sign out food on the list hanging on the freezer door and deliver it. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Tammy Box at 713-267-5091.

The Gathering Place

Become a volunteer at The Gathering Place, a monthly “care day” program for older adults with special needs, offers free time for caregivers while their loved ones are cared for by volunteers at Grace. The Gathering Place meets on the fourth Thursday of each month in Massey-Tucker Hall from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. For more information and to register, call Ann McIntire at 281-343-9391.

Powerful Tools for Caregiving

Grace offers a six-week course for those involved in caregiving. The class equips caregivers to be able to take care of themselves as they care for their loved one.

Prayer Shawls

Let the Lord use your talents in blessing others with a prayer shawl. either create or come and pick up a prayer shawl to bless someone with prayer and presence. These shawls were hand-knitted by women of Grace who participated with Peace by Piece. If you wish to give one, please contact Tammy Box at 713-267-5091. We supply gift bag, tissue paper, and a note from Peace by Piece. There are a variety of colors from which to choose. Prayer shawls are all made with love and given to those that have lost a loved one or for someone who is ill. These shawls are not just for church members. If you have a loved one or friend dealing with sickness or loss you may also ask for one.


This ministry is serious business – seriously fun, that is! Frownbusters spread the joy of Christ through their ministry of laughter at hospitals, nursing homes, church gatherings, schools, and as far away as Nicaragua and Africa. Wherever they go, they bring the message of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ through the gift of humor. Contact Tammy Box to learn more!

Gather: Encore Choir

Tuesdays 11:30 a.m.

On hold, due to COVID-19 This choir sings once a month in our chapel service as well as for various local groups. Meets Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m.

Connect: Encore Daytrips