Grace812 meets every Saturday


The Gift. The Truth. The Path.

Gather: Every Saturday evening, Grace Presbyterian Church Welcome Center, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Come as you are for community, diving into scripture, applying it to life and experiencing small groups.

This ministry is one that focuses on relationships. Relationship between God, ourselves, and others. The focus is discipleship. Discipleship knowledge and training with an incorporation into daily life. A discipleship that leads to discipling others.  

What’s behind the name: this ministry is called Grace812 presenting the gift of grace, a foundation on the beatitudes spoken by Jesus, and the use of the 12 Steps originally written by Bill Wilson in the 1930’s.

Our purpose: to shepherd those who want to grow in the faith, who are hurt, lost, and confused. This world, engulfed with sin, is challenging at best, and for a Christian and person of faith, it can prove even more challenging. In that consistent barrage from the enemy, many find themselves hurt, confused or lost.  

The goal: Grace812 is where we live in the unmerited gift of God’s grace, introducing or reintroducing Jesus Christ to all with no judgments and condemnation. Grace812 exposes all that God has to offer and shows the freedom that Jesus paid for on the Cross. 

Next step: One foundation to this ministry is to have the widest church front door people have experienced expressed through our hospitality. Come and attend. Come and welcome others Come and bring others. Come and share your experience.


5:30 p.m. Community + Food + Music

5:55 p.m. Grace812

7:30 p.m. Small groups and recovery meetings

You are welcome ANY time of the night!