Church Officer Nominations 2020

By April 26, 2017News

Nominations for deacons, elders, and trustees to serve a three-year term beginning Fall 2020 are now being accepted. Please complete nomination forms online. Please submit all nominations no later than July 26.

Each year at Grace, we nominate fellow covenant partners (members) to serve as elders and deacons. This year’s class of new leaders will serve a three-year commitment beginning January 1, 2021.

Grace, an ECO congregation, is governed by the Session, which is composed of elders. The deacons provide care ministries to the congregation. Both elders and deacons are vital to the health of the congregation. These positions require different skills, talents, and gifts. Each has unique duties and requires different energies. Both deacons and elders are required to adhere to the ECO Essential Tenets.  View them  HERE.

What is the elder’s ministry? Elders oversee the spiritual health of the congregation, as well as the congregation’s faithfulness to God’s mission. Time commitments include a monthly Session meeting and participation on a Session Team supporting Grace’s strategy of Gather, Connect and Bless.

What is the deacon’s ministry? Deacons lead ministries that nurture fellowship and caregiving within and beyond the congregation. Generally, deacons serve a local geographic region. Time commitments include a monthly deacon meeting, individual caring ministry to families in a designated region, and service on caring subteams as available.

Are there qualifications for serving? Elders must be a covenant partner for at least 2 years. Biblical qualifications are found in 1Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Good character, faithfulness and dedication are emphasized.

Deacons must be a covenant partner for at least 1 year. Biblical qualifications are found in 1Timothy 3:8-13. Good character, faithfulness, dedication and compassion are emphasized.

Where can I learn more?

As a covenant partner, you have a responsibility and privilege to participate in selecting the leadership of Grace. Please prayerfully consider nominating a fellow covenant partner to one of these vital leadership roles. Thank you.

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