Ponder Ministries Follow Up

By July 1, 2019Events, News

WHAT:  PONDER is a verb that means to revolve in one’s mind, to weigh, to consider, to discuss, to converse. Michelle Travis, founder & executive director of Pondering Ministries, will be encouraging and equipping us to consider scripture in a new, old-fashioned way: through discussion, the use of Bible study tools, and prayer. This simple, yet rich way of studying the word of God is meant to spark an ongoing conversation between you, God, and others for the purpose of abiding in and staying connected to Jesus.

If you were able to join us for a Ponder gathering last weekend, thank you for attending and participating.  You have stepped into the movement and mission of Ponder.

As a way of follow up, we want to encourage and equip you to continue to engage and abide in the Word of God.

You can use the Ponder Resource Page to follow the process that Michelle shared, find online and paper resources for word studies, and connect online with Ponder Ministries.

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Hear what members of the Grace family are saying about Ponder:

The Bible contains beautiful, personal prose which I too often just gloss over as I seek to read chapters of scripture.  The Ponder Bible experience method teaches me to slow down and rest in the living words which flow from the heart of God through the lens of His people.   Ponder unpacks language and culture which had a profound impact on the meaning of the words breathed by God to the common heart of mankind.” – Jim Tomforde

Listening to Michelle simplify scripture as we discussed it in a group of all ages was so refreshing. I loved when she spoke about her trip and taking rocks that she was supposed to throw in the ocean as a symbol of giving God your worries, for me as a person that learns by doing and seeing that is something I felt like many could relate to and even practice when they are having a hard time mentally getting through a hard time. So thankful I was able to get the opportunity to “Ponder” with Michelle at Grace Presbyterian Church.” – Cara Adams

“Ponder was very helpful to me. I had been realizing my prayers were in a rut…and very much just begging for His favor for my kids, husband & grandkids…not nearly all that God would actually like to hear from one of His children. So Ponder came along at a great time – & I did learn a good new way to think about & relate to our Father. Plus, I love words.” -Martha Hunt

I loved learning to Ponder because it focuses exclusively on getting deep into God’s Word.  With all the shallowness of social media and the frantic pace of today’s world, slowing down to focus significant time on short passages of scripture was a balm to my soul.“ – Jenny Gottschalk

This is the most amazing and simple tool to deepen your relationship with Jesus and create community! We have introduced the high school girls to Ponder in our weekly bible study this year and they get it! It’s easy to learn and easy to teach.”- Monika Frazelle

Ponder reminded me how important it is to sit with God in His word.  I learned how to dig deeper and my relationship with Him is so much richer because of it.” – Cathy Finck

 Learning to Ponder is such a simple way to delve into God’s Word and gain a much deeper understanding. It teaches you to think and understand God’s truth for its original intended purpose.”- Stephanie Parker