Ready Campaign Updates

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We are pleased to share with you the first installment of $100,000 of our Extending Grace funds from the Ready Campaign to @living_water. Your generosity and commitment will help bring clean water to over 100,000 people in northern Haiti.

Ready Update May 29, 2019

As the summer begins, it is exciting to see our campus being READIED to be a more welcoming place and more relevant space to make Jesus visible. 
Check out these snapshots of our new Sanctuary roof being replaced. Did you know this team will be replacing approximately 90,000 square feet of roofing on our campus? We anticpate this process will be completed by early July. 
Next in line for READYING our campus is the renovation of the McKechnie Room in Massey-Tucker Hall. Then, construction of a new Porte Cochere and covered walkway on the south side of campus will begin immediately after Vacation Bible School in June.
Meanwhile, around the Grace campus, you will  see many changes as we begin preparing for more construction. Grace has blessed many by sharing furnishings that will be replaced during renovation/construction. The furnishings that we have enjoyed for so many years will “live on” in places like Pines Presbyterian Church, Grand Lakes Presbyterian Church, Crosspoint Community Church, and in the homes of a handful of individuals in need.
Our Church Library also has been READIED for construction this week! This past Sunday, members of the Grace family selected books for their personal libraries. Theological books were incorporated into a library on the third floor of Massey-Tucker Hall. Hundreds of adult books were packed for Books to Development and will travel to Kenya next week. Many children’s books were donated this week to the Houston Housing Authority. 
Finally, you may have noticed a portion of the brick wall in the library courtyard has come down to make way for the construction of our new Sanctuary roof. We have saved about 200 bricks, and they are available if you want a keepsake. Contact Hardie Morgan for a brick (; 713-267-5028).

Ready Update July 2, 2019


Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as our Grace campus is being READIED to be a welcoming place, a relevant space, and to extend Grace! We hope you share our excitement and anticipation as we see the various construction projects in progress!  July and August will be busy months as we see the tranformations unfold in The Founders’ Chapel , the McKechnie Room, the Music Suite, Massey-Tucker First and Third floors, and more! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures throughout the summer!