Serve on our READY Construction Hospitality Team!

By August 8, 2019Events

We have a wonderful opportunity for you to serve the Grace family and our guests on Sunday! The good news is that it is a brief time commitment, a limited duration, requires very little training, and is a way to contribute to making your Grace a welcoming place. An easy – and especially important – way to invest in the life and ministry of Grace.

No doubt, you noticed momentum building in the construction activity around campus. We have partnered with the contractors each week to minimize disruption on Sundays.  The time is coming soon when your path on Sunday will  intersect with some new scenery and detours along the way.  Much of it will be temporary, so we encourage you to look with anticipation to the finished vista.

You are invited to help smooth the worshippers’ path on Sunday morning by volunteering for the READY Construction Hospitality team. We need 8 volunteers for each of the Sunday morning worship hours, beginning August 11 through December 8.

What does the READY Construction Hospitality team do?  You would be posted at various locations on campus, sometimes near a greeter, to help worshippers navigate the week’s detours on campus, and to minimize any frustration that might be a distraction from our worship of the Lord.

Volunteers will be equipped with:

  • Briefing and printout of the day’s notable detours
  • Campus map
  • Brightly colored vest
  • “Ask Me” button
  • Locations of nearest restroom (in case of closure)
  • Frequently Asked Questions sheet
  • Warm greetings and bright smiles

You may sign up online using the following link:  Hospitality Team Volunteers.

Volunteers for the next few  Sundays are especially important, as they will be a visible encouragement for others to volunteer. Thank you in advance for sharing your time to help smooth the path for worshippers and visitors on Sunday mornings. To God be the glory!