2021 Student Ministries Summer Mission Trips

Summer 2021 Mission Trips

Middle School — June 20-24

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting the Middle School Mission Trip right here in Houston, partnering with several organizations based in this great city! Registration is open NOW! Expect more information to come your way in our informational packet this following week.

Click HERE to register for Middle School Mission Trip!

High School — July 18—23

We are excited to make our way to Blueprint Ministries in San Antonio! Students and leaders will get opportunities to see God at work by partnering to make homes warmer, safer and dryer. They will also get the opportunity to safely meet and connect with homeowners who bring incredible insight and care to everyone they encounter! Blueprint has been hosting trips for decades and does an incredible job leading students and leaders in their mission.

Click HERE to register for High School Mission Trip!

Note: This year due to the pandemic, we will not be leading a dedicated 12th grade international mission trip. But, we encourage our seniors to join us on the High School Mission trip, and we look forward to making this trip special for you!

Contact Daniel Baudin or Amber Sheffield if this if you have any questions!