Contemporary Worship

9:00 a.m., Sanctuary

Contemporary worship is led by Ryan Bell and a team of musicians whose main goal is to help people encounter Jesus at each and every service. We embrace a spiritually healthy mixture of the newest modern worship songs, timeless classic hymns, as well as original worship music. We believe that worship opens our hearts to see the God’s presence all around us. Worship lets us celebrate God’s faithfulness and show our gratitude for His work in our lives.

Jesus said the Father is seeking worshipers, but He is seeking a certain kind of worshiper: those who will worship Him both in Spirit and in truth.  We worship by submitting our spirit and our minds to His ways.  We worship in truth, as we authentically reflect who He is in us, to others. Our goal is to give glory to God and have a constant awareness and demonstration of His presence in our lives in every thing we do and say. This includes our relationships, occupation, and everyday lives, as well as our Sunday celebrations. This is the foundation upon which Contemporary Worship at Grace Presbyterian Church is built.