Basketball and Burgers

Calling all Grace men!

In partnership with Friends of Westchase, Grace has kicked off a new mentoring program on our campus: Basketball and Burgers! Once a month, a group of caring adult men join with 15 boys from Paul Revere Middle School to share a game of basketball and a meal. Many of the boys are struggling with challenges that include homelessness and food insecurity. By connecting with the boys through a sport they love, the adult mentors are hoping to build long-term trust. The Grace men have had the best time hanging out with the students, shooting hoops, and sharing Whataburger! This summer, we will be mixing things up a bit with basketball as well as some other summer fun activities (ie, gaming night, movie night, etc.) We connect with the youth once a month and meet at Grace! We hope you will join us! For more information, please contact Kristy Elmore.