Disciple Groups

Grace has a rich history of a variety of groups that have cultivated gospel centered community. These have all been significant opportunities and experiences to foster community with others. Through these groups, we have discovered that people have a great need for an environment of 3-5 people for even deeper spiritual growth and maturity. Disciple Groups are part of our church mission and vision plan to be a community focused on growing disciples who make other disciples. Please contact Jordan Goodie for more information.

Disciple Groups will be composed of 3-5 people who meet consistently and ongoing to share and do life together and learn to be more fully formed disciples. Groups will grow through use of Scriptural based materials, open conversations, accountability and prayer with the intent of creating and cultivating new groups to provide an opportunity to others to participate and grow through a Disciple Group.

Three unique components:

1. Size: Depth of spiritual growth, vulnerability and accountability can only be cultivated in a group of 3-5 people.

2. Discernment in Community: Every week each group will ask the participants a set of questions to discern how to more deeply trust and obey Jesus about how He is calling the group and each person to be disciple-makers.

3. Growth: Each group should organically move towards seeking out opportunities to disciple others as they grow, learn, and trust Christ together.

From an Elder – “I’ve been in community Bible study groups for 15+ years so I wasn’t really sure I needed to be in a disciple group. However, when I participated in my first Disciple Group, I realized there is a significant difference in a group of 3 to 5 people than a larger Bible Study group.”

In Disciple Groups, everyone is given the opportunity to share and there is an iron sharpens iron connection. The conversation goes deeper as the group discerns what God is calling the group and individuals to do.

Each group will establish and agree upon expectations for the group. The commitment will include the recommended points:

• Regular attendance      • Commitment to transparency    • Praying for each other

• Starting another group     • Complete confidentiality       • Engaging the material

We encourage each group to begin with an 8-week study called Essential Guide to Becoming a Disciple by Greg Ogden. From there, groups can continue on with Discipleship Essentials: Building Your Life in Christ, also by Greg Ogden. A coach will help you with future study materials.

Convener: The convener is the one who initially starts a group by inviting other to join her/him in a group. The Convener is not the leader, but one who keeps the group on track, moving, and updated.

Participant: The individuals that make up the group. Usually there will 3-4 participants. The intent is for everyone in a group to participate in discipling each other. Mutual encouragement and equipping is a shared understanding.

Coach: A coach will be assigned to a group and will come alongside the convener to help, resource, stay the course, discern multiplication, discuss group dynamics as needed and pray for a group. The coach does not meet with the group, but is in constant contact with the convener.

When you express interest in launching a Disciple Group, a coach will reach out to you and walk with you, utilizing the Guide to equip you to serve as a Convener. If you are ready to launch a Disciple Group then use the link below. We can’t wait to see how Christ uses Disciple Groups to help you and others to become fully developing disciples.