Stephen Ministry Training

A Stephen Minister is a caring Christian friend who has been trained to walk alongside those who are in a time of need, grief, or crisis. As one Stephen Minister said, “Stephen Ministry has taught me the power of presence—to just be there for someone. The experience has changed my life forever.” Grace currently has eight Stephen Ministers who have answered this call on their life and said yes to serve! We are blessed that this ministry is serving so many who need that presence in their lives—but we can serve so many more!

Over the next few months, Stephen Ministry will be taking applications for training which begins in January. We ask you to pray and discern whether this is a place in which you can serve. Your life may change forever, too. The training sessions will meet weekly every Tuesday evening from 7-9 p.m. for 18 weeks, beginning mid-January through May. The course includes two training manuals and three books. Contact Lyn Sell (713-202-8656) for more information.