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Yes, you are a disciple!

Someone who follows Christ, is being transformed by Christ, and engages in the mission of Christ is a disciple. Someone who is rooted in Christ and experiences His deep love. God doesn’t just call the equipped, he equips those who are called, no matter where you are in your journey.

This semester there are two course options to best fit your spiritual growth as a disciple:

This track will focus on courses that help us narrow in on what we believe and why, and will strive to engage your head to become a disciple who can make disciples.

This track will focus on courses that include spiritual practices and practical Biblical tools for topics such as parenting, marriage, and money aimed to help transform our lives to grow more fully in Christ.

This track will offer courses that include both practical theology and best practices for service and mission. These courses will seek to put our hearts into action, and remind us of our call to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

NOTE: In order to have a fruitful and successful learning experience, we encourage you to attend our classes faithfully and review your materials prior to coming to class every Sunday.