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Thank you to our elders who have so faithfully served our congregation for the previous three-year term on session: Nnenna Akwari, Dath Collins, Bert Crump, Mike Mantel and Natalie McElroy.

Welcome our new class of elders who are beginning their three-year term January 9 and joining our current session: Russ Chase, Ron Collings, Vic Condrey, Cathy Finck, Andy Frazelle and Jamie Horton.

Current Session:

      • Deb Castillo
      • Judy Dewey
      • Tory Gunsolley
      • Dorothy Hobbs
      • Debbie Kaplan
      • Debbie Lunn
      • Abby Meade
      • Tom Prisk
      • Lisa Schwartz
      • Jim Tomforde
      • Ethan Tritt
      • Karen Welton


Thank you to our deacons who have so faithfully served our congregation for the previous three-year term: Carolyn Crawford, Tina Crump, Billie Federman, Ken Fickes, Sally Fickes, Sheila Guthrie, Margaret Forristall, Karen Hahn, Carolyn Lawlis,  Steve MacFarland, Judy Prisk, Janice Slater.

Welcome our deacons who are beginning their new three-year term January 9 and joining our current deacons: Jim Allosso, Felicia Awazi, Mandy Barrow, Christian Bolano, Marsha Bourgeois, John Duffy, Rosmeli Gahona, Betty Hanlon, DJ Holick, Larry Hussman, Susan Jernigan, Bonnie Lomasney, Maribel Lopez, David Lugo, Suzanne Penn, Janet Roberts, Maricarmen Romero, Jo Swank, Debra True and Bill Welton.

 Current Deacons
        • Grace Akwari
        • Farah Armstrong
        • Chris Berry
        • Terri Berry
        • Sarah Davidson
        • Jody Duffey
        • Becky Ghazi
        • Annie Golden
        • Gina Lee
        • Kim Lee
        • Tom Lee
        • Jane MacFarland
        • Jenny Mayo
        • Brittany Mondlak
        • Dawn Murphy
        • Steve Murphy
        • Georgene Quirke
        • John Scott
        • Melinda Smith
        • DeLisa Strege
        • Jeff Strege
        • Bonnie Whitten
        • Myra Whitten
        • Amy Wisniewski
        • Nelda Womack




Doris Mae Morby, mother of Greg Morby, passed away on December 24, 2021.  The Memorial Service will be in Tyler, TX at the Trinity Lutheran Church on January 22 at 1:00 pm. Please keep Greg, Pam and their family in your prayers.

Family Contact Information:

Pam & Greg Morby

354 Cinnamon Oak Ln
Houston, TX 77079-7346

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