Student Ministries 2:42 Night

Calendar / Student Ministries 2:42 Night


September 16-17 is about to be a night of chaos in a home near you. 2:42...a play on Acts 2:42 and also

“2 people 4 2 prizes.” We will be handing out classified, sealed envelopes to students prior to Sept 16. Their task is

to get one of their unsuspecting friends to agree to a sleepover the night of September 16 and to come along to

Sunday Morning on September 17. At said sleepover, they will record and photograph themselves completing the

challenges contained in their sealed envelopes and submit them to the designated email given to them. Sunday

Morning will be a watch party of the recorded/photographed exploits and a vote on who won...the two prizes will

be given to the winning pair!


Liz Moran

(713) 267-5067