Back Row to the Front Row

My name is Leslie Nollsch and I am a member of Grace. My first visit to Grace was 2021 Vacation Bible School. My grandkids had been invited by their neighbor, Keeke Russo. I was the drop off and delivery grandmother. The first day I checked them in then came back and waited in the ​Welcome Center until it was over before checking them out. The second day I came a little early and saw some mommas coming in and out of the back sanctuary doors. I noticed the interactions between the volunteers, the huge smiles, the bounce in their step and their interactions with the kids and parents.

I slipped in and sat in the first empty pew.

The kids performing on stage were full of energy, singing and dancing. It was clear how hard they had prepared and the bonds they had built with each other preparing for VBS. The sanctuary was rocking, kids, teachers, parents singing "Yes Lord."  I saw the shy child I had dropped off in the morning singing and dancing, seeing him so confident and excited to come back the next day was very special.

In the car both kids wanted to make a playlist of VBS songs. The spirit was so big and alive here at Grace VBS. Each day I came a little bit earlier, I sang and clapped, and bowed my head in prayer. On the last day of VBS I knew I was home​. A few weeks later I became a regular to the​ Sunday worship service. One Sunday the EPIC classes were announced. ​It was the perfect time to join a class - it was new for everyone! Since then I have become a member of the church, continued taking classes , and have joined a small discipleship group during Lenten season. 

The reach of Grace goes beyond the building as well. I live off of Highway 290 and was shopping at The Round Top store in Cypress where I met four lovely ladies. As we talked, we discovered that we all attend Grace. Immediately they invited me to their Women’s Circle. The first circle meeting I knew I had found women who would help me grow and serve God. 

Vacation Bible School brought me Grace and now Grace is feeding my spirit through worship and filling my heart with loving Christian friends. God calls us to be active in our relationships and there is no place to find more activity than VBS. I encourage all of you to come and experience it whether you bring your kids, or volunteer. You may leave tired! But you will also leave filled.